Many psychologists point to creativity as a secret pathway to positive mental health and well-being. Many of us do creative activities when we’re young, but we don’t think to fit them into our busier, more serious lives as adults. Creativity is important in adulthood because it allows us to continue to perceive and interact with the world in new ways. It is good for us to express ourselves, to problem solve, and to put ourselves in a “flow state,” in which we are highly focused on an activity to the point where we lose sense of time. Research shows that engaging in creative tasks can increase positive emotions, mood, and immune system functioning, and can decrease depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma symptoms. Creativity is often compared to meditation in terms of its calming effects on the brain and body. Creativity isn’t limited to traditional artistic activities such as painting, drawing, or pottery. By modern standards, it applies to much more diverse activities, such as coming up with new recipes, planning parties, gardening, and writing code. And, although making something you’re proud of can feel good, you really don’t need to worry too much about the final outcome of your project, because the magic happens in the process! 


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