Many of us wake up stressed, thinking about everything we have to do that day, and feeling a sense of powerlessness over our moods and our schedules. Science shows that having a morning routine helps prepare you for the day by putting you in the right frame of mind. It helps you feel a sense of control and accomplishment. It also lowers your stress, helping you avoid anxiety and depression down the line. Science also shows it can boost your energy levels, increase your productivity, make you more tolerant to unexpected change, make you less forgetful, and raise your confidence. It can even improve your relationships. If you’re worried about having to wake up earlier, note that even a 10-minute routine has positive effects. So, what should you do for your morning routine? You may want to try journaling. You can do morning pages, a writing practice in which you write for three pages straight, pausing as little as possible. It is like a mind dump–you write anything and everything that comes to mind. You could also make a gratitude list, or write affirmations or intentions for the day. Reading inspiring content is also a great way to start your day–maybe there’s a book that motivates you, or an inspirational instagram account or blog you can sift through. Or maybe something more body-focused is what works best for you, such as a YouTube meditation or yoga video. It may take a couple tries to find what feels best, and a couple weeks of doing it for you to truly reap the benefits of your practice, but don’t give up! Eventually, you’ll thank yourself for that little bit of time you consistently put aside for yourself, and the peace and productivity it brings to your life. 


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