We are humans with concerns and fears, and it’s not uncommon for our thoughts to spiral in the downward direction. Once certain negative thought loops are activated, it can be hard to get out of them. So when we start to notice thoughts go south, what can we do? Sometimes simply reminding yourself of a loved one or the night out you have planned for that weekend can be enough to pull you out, but these thoughts can be hard to conjure up in the moment. So, we suggest planning ahead. Have a note on your phone where you write down things that make you happy–that can be specific people, memories, quotes, things you appreciate about life, experiences you are looking forward to, and more. You can get as specific and as broad as you like. Before you let yourself spin into a negative headspace, make a vow with yourself you will at least glance at this list. You’ll probably find that adding to this list alone improves your mental health, so it’s a win-win situation!


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