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Coming home to a nice clean area, with a clean workspace, and a clean scent in the air is refreshing… if we are able to get around to cleaning. I am not just writing this because I am looking at piles on my desk, although I do need to get around to fixing that. I am writing this because it seems that something so little like cleaning is sometimes so hard to get around doing because we get caught up in life’s seemingly weird and tricky obstacles it throws our way. 

 I think the problem that we face sometimes is that we get so caught up in what we can’t control in our daily lives that we forget about the things we can control: namely, cleaning and doing some light organizing to declutter our surroundings. It is so easy to fall into the trap of worrying about external situations such as why the weather “decided” to rain all of a sudden during a picnic, or whether you will be able to have an opportunity to prove you deserve a promotion at work, that it prevents us from realizing the amount of initiative we have in our present lives. Sure, cleaning your desk may seem like a small task, but the bigger picture is that these small tasks are everywhere. I think finding these tasks can make our lives seem a little more controllable and less of a mystery when we focus on them instead of beyond.


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