April 15, 2013

Technology is a moving target that can be the best thing ever, or, the biggest headache ever. This weekend I won a gold medal in perseverance. OK, nobody literally put a medal around my neck, but I still had the same feeling that it actually happened. Happiness is figuring out technology…..aaaaaaaaah…..it’s like a cup of perfect coffee on a fall day, or getting a great parking space at the mall during the holidays, or finding money in your winter coat. Something as simple as figuring out a mystery on your phone, your computer, a software package, or fixing a tiny glitch can make you feel like a super hero. Of course, the down side to this is that it’s short lived – just as soon as you knock down that technology monster the next one will rear its head soon enough. But for those few minutes, or hours, or days, it sure feels like I conquered the world. Not only that but it gives me just enough hope that the next technology monster I encounter will be slayed as well.

Have you ever conquered something on your computer or phone & felt so confident that you were certain you could solve all the world’s problems? Or at least a few???



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