Many of us think coloring is a child’s activity, but it truly is for everyone! There are numerous benefits to coloring! The intense but calming focus that comes from coloring can quiet your mind and put you in a meditative state. Studies have found that coloring for 20 minutes or more can also reduce your anxiety and improve your mood. Various parts of your brain are working, so your brain’s function and motor skills can improve! Along with this, your sleep can improve if you color before you go to sleep. Rather than scrolling on your phone, and exposing your eyes to blue light, try coloring instead! You’ll still be engaged in an activity while improving your sleep health. If you need some noise, you can put on some music too! And you don’t have to use some Disney coloring book; there are plenty of coloring books specifically for adults! Here’s one example! Some are more nature-based, some mandalas, etc. There’s truly something for everyone!


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