Do you find yourself searching the internet or asking around to find the type of workout that gives you the fastest, best results? If you ask us, our advice is that the best type of exercise is the one you’ll actually do. As humans, we’re more likely to do things we actually enjoy. If you are miserable on every run, or have your eyes glued to the clock during every yoga class, you’re not creating a sustainable habit. It’s time to mix it up and find something that invigorates you. If you just can’t get motivated on your own, maybe try workout classes like Orangetheory or SoulCycle. If you dread any type of workout class, maybe try a sport like tennis or pickup basketball. Maybe you’d enjoy something adventurous, like hiking or rock climbing. Maybe you yearn for something creative, like dancing. And if you get bored of one form of exercise easily, no matter what it is, you can make a plan to cycle through different types of exercise each week. And if your budget doesn’t allow for fancy classes or gym memberships, there are all types of workout videos on YouTube that you can do at home for free. We suggest Pamela Reif or Chloe Ting’s videos, which target various muscle groups. They also have cardio workouts, and Pamela Reif provides dance workouts. We also suggest checking out Boho Beautiful’s yoga videos. An effective exercise regime requires commitment, and it’s so much easier to be committed to something that brings you joy. 


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