We’ve been old-schooling it with this blog.  It’s 2014 for crying out loud!  What better way to get happy than by using an app?

Happify is an app based on positive psychology research on cultivating happiness.  It helps you develop skills to enjoy the day-to-day more and deal with setbacks.  Based on a few bits of information about you it recommends a skill track to start on.  Their 26 tracks focus on things like positive thinking, being more gentle with yourself, raising happy kids, gratitude, hope, social connection, motivation, self-confidence, goal-setting, etc.  Five basic skills are emphasized: savoring, thanking, aspiring, giving, and empathizing.  You have the option to connect with others using the app (to take advantage of feeling supported and supporting others with their happiness goals) or staying private.  Unfortunately, only the teaser app is free.  To get any real use out of it you need to pay for a membership, starting at a few dollars a month.

There’s also Happier, an app designed to help you develop skills around gratitude and savoring, and also connects you to a happiness community.  Kindr is based on the idea that being kind spreads happiness, and allows you to create unique messages to send to people to brighten their day. Then there are apps that offer inspirational messages or happiness tips.

Or… you can just keep reading this blog.  It’s free and won’t drain your battery!  🙂


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