Change can be difficult for most, even when it is a welcomed change. For example, accepting an offer for your dream job and moving to a new city. While it is something you have chosen to do, it can still be tough. In the instance of moving, you have to leave behind familiar faces and comforts and then focus on things like trying to make new friends, finding the nearest grocery store, or getting used to the fact that your favorite restaurant does not exist in your new city. Bottom line is, the process of adjustment can be stressful and sometimes we forget that it is also normal! The next time you have to face a change in your life, welcomed or not, I challenge you to allow yourself to feel the range of emotions that come with it. In not struggling with these emotions, but acknowledging them as a part of being human, we decrease their control over us. In doing this, we can then focus on taking the necessary steps to cope effectively.


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