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Coping with Change

Q: My daughter just started 1st grade at a new school after moving to North Carolina from Florida. Though we […]

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Getting Organized

Q: My son is now in the 4th grade, but last year he had a really rough time remembering homework […]

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Technology and Children

Q: Our 13- year old son just received a cell phone for his birthday and now we are realizing that […]

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Helping your child cope with anxiety

Q: My 10-year-old is suddenly worrying about different things and just seems overall anxious. I tell her everything will be […]

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Warning Signs a Child is Being Bullied

Q: I think my son is being bullied, but I am not sure and he won’t tell me. His teachers […]

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Telling Kids of all Ages About Divorce

Q: My husband and I are planning to separate. How do I tell my child about this upcoming change? A: […]

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Sex Education

Q: My 13-year-old daughter is entering high school in the fall, and I am afraid that she will be peer […]

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Positive and Negative Consequences

Q: Despite reading various information online about managing my child’s behavior with consequences, I’m not sure I really know how […]

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Is your child ready for a cellphone?

Q: My son is 10 years old and will be entering middle school in the fall. He keeps asking me […]

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How to Handle the Santa Myth

Q: I never meant to perpetuate the myth of Santa but have found myself going along with it over the […]

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