Back to School Strategies 
for Better Success

The summer is just about over, and thus the school routine is about to start. Smooth transitions can be accomplished; below are some tips on what you can do to make going back to school a pleasurable experience. Also, success at school is vital to a child’s self-esteem and sense of self; below are some strategies to help your child succeed at school.

1. Prepare in advance. Help your child know what to expect and if there will be any changes to anticipate.

2. Talk about feelings. Encourage your children to talk about their feelings and help them put a positive spin on going back to school.

3. Develop a checklist to help get you and your child ready for school.

4. Be there. Be involved with dropping off and picking up from school, especially the first couple of days.

5. Let teachers and counselors know what’s going on. If there have been any significant changes or stressors, the school can be an excellent support system.

6. For children starting school, or a new school or new program: Read books about school to your child. Reading books with children is a great way to introduce any experience. They can see how other children beginning school or a new program have the same feelings of uncertainty and how they overcome them.

Succeeding at Homework:
1. Buy a planner or calendar and write down all assignments.

2. Avoid procrastination by developing a few short goals instead of a large one. For example, finish two pages of a paper per day, not 10 pages by the day before it is due.

3. Complete homework in advance, not the day it is due, to allow for questions and more free time.

4.  Have homework reviewed by a peer, parent, or teacher before turning it in.

5. If there are questions about the assignment, ask the teacher to prevent careless mistakes.

6. Avoid the television or turn it off if it is impossible to be in a different room.

7. Don’t work on a bed, or anywhere you take naps, to prevent falling asleep.

8. Eat beforehand or bring a small snack to limit yourself to until work is done.

9. Have proper lighting to keep you awake and motivated.

10. Avoid heavily trafficked areas to stay on task and not converse with friends.

11. Work when you are most active (mornings or late nights).

12. Reward yourself with short 5-10 minute breaks when working on longer projects.

Succeeding with Others:
1. Interact with your teacher, show they that you are interested and that you care.

2. In larger classrooms, introduce yourself to the teacher to become more comfortable with asking them for help.

3. Ask questions and if you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to get more details.

4. Talk to students in the class who share an interest in learning the material and work together.

5. Organize study groups with friends to help further your knowledge.

6. Most importantly, celebrate success on an exam with friends to encourage you to do the same thing next time.


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