Allowing our creativity to flow through art has a variety of benefits. Research has demonstrated that art projects have led to a reduction in stress levels, an increase in our resiliency, improvement in well-being, decrease in depression, and an increase in one’s ability to cope with chronic illness. So what is it about art that makes it so helpful? Art allows us to bring our feelings to life. By being mindful of these emotions and acknowledging their presence as we reflect them in our art, we are in a better position to process what we are feeling. It also allows us to get into a rhythm or flow of things when we are concentrated on what we are creating. For the period of time you are focused on your artwork, other thoughts and feelings may take the back burner allowing you to be immersed in the moment. Also, it just feels good overall to create
something. For those of us that feel as though there is not one artistic bone in our bodies, there are options! Consider acquiring an adult coloring book with a theme that interests you whether it be animals, nature, architecture, etc. Similarly, another option is paint by numbers. Both of these alternatives still allow your creativity to flow as you bring the black and white image to life with whatever colors you choose.


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