Dr. Maggie Carraway has experience conducting comprehensive psychological and educational evaluations with children, teens, and adults. She has worked in a variety of settings conducting assessments including private practice, inpatient hospitals, college counseling centers, and correctional facilities. She has experience with general evaluation questions, such as to provide diagnostic clarification and inform treatment planning, as well as more specific evaluation questions, such as differentiating between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and Specific Learning Disabilities SLD/LD) or assessing for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As part of each evaluation, Dr. Carraway offers a feedback session to provide the individual and/or their family with an understanding of the evaluation results, offer empirically supported treatment recommendations, as well as to offer a safe space to ask questions. She emphasizes the importance of ensuring clarity of results by using easy-to-understand language in her report and while giving feedback. 


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