At Lepage Associates, we offer truly comprehensive mental health services by having adult and child psychiatry in addition to adult and child psychologists/therapists.

Studies on treatment of mental health conditions have generally found that psychiatric medication can be often be effective in alleviating symptoms, particularly in conjunction with psychotherapy. Psychiatrists can work in concert with your therapist to manage your care, so your use of medication and therapy is well coordinated and most beneficial to you.

Even medication alone has been found effective in treating many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar (“manic-depression”), and attention problems, to name some of the most common. Our psychiatrists work with you to find the medication that is the best fit for addressing your symptoms with the least side effects possible. Clinically complex cases in which medication has not been fully effective in the past are carefully monitored by experts to find a medication, dosage, and/or medication combination that can help.