Melissa has worked with adolescents for over 25 years in individual, family, day treatment and inpatient settings. She adapts a non-judgmental, relationship-based approach with the goal of connecting to the adolescent so they can be honest with her and themselves about what they are feeling. She incorporates parent and family work as well for an effective systems-focused approach. With children and teens of all ages, Melissa provides therapy for a broad array of childhood issues such as depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, school anxiety and refusal, gender identity, bullying, trauma and abuse, sibling rivalry, parent-child relationship rifts, oppositional behavior, conduct issues, academic struggles, attention deficit, healthy lifestyle choices, and supportive therapy for life changes such as moving or divorce or grief. Teenagers are experiencing changes on multiple levels and often can’t find the words to express their thoughts; Melissa helps them be able to do this. Therapy with teens includes art, music, nature and other activities to facilitate communication.


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