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Research has shown that support from others is a strong factor in how well a person handles and gets through times of high stress and emotional upset. We offer support for people who are separating and/or divorcing. Friends and family can also be a wonderful means of support, but due to their own emotional connection to the couple and the process, such non-neutral people sometimes “stir the pot” and are at times unable to offer neutral, unbiased support. Unlike a mediator or consultant, the psychologist in this role is not focused on the separation and divorce process, but rather is focused on the emotional state of the person, and on providing emotional support during a difficult life transition. We also offer support to children or teenagers, who are sometimes hesitant to share their true thoughts and feelings with parents, family members or friends during this time.


Some people going through separation and/or divorce take this time to look more closely at themselves, their choices, their life path, their future plans, etc. In addition, some people decide that their level of emotional distress is such that they need more than just support. Parents may notice that their child is showing negative effects of the divorce, such as emotional upset or withdrawal, anger, anxiety, academic difficulties, problems with peers, drug or alcohol use, breaking rules, etc. We provide individual therapy for adults to help ease emotional pain, gain insight into the past and/or present, learn skills to prevent similar problems from occurring again, regain happiness, and feel good about and be prepared for the future. We also work with children and teens to help ease emotional pain and develop coping skills to move through the divorce process with less distress. As psychologists we are highly trained in therapy, and the benefits of therapy during difficult and stressful times of life have been well documented.


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