Dr. Parker has a passion for working with teenagers and their families. Her background includes working with adolescents with a variety of presentations, including: behavior difficulties; social skills problems; depression; general, school, social and text anxiety; AD/HD; learning disabilities; trauma; self-image and self-esteem, identity development, and the spectrum of adolescent issues. For teens dealing with trauma she utilizes her specialized training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, Dr. Parker has worked with special needs (i.e., autism spectrum and emotional-behavioral disturbance) and at-risk teens (i.e., teens involved in delinquent behaviors and low-income communities). Her experience with teenagers also includes career development, assisting with resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies, and interviewing techniques. In her individual therapy with adolescents she demonstrates respect for the teen while guiding them in the development of new skills, behaviors and/or in mood regulation. Her broad smile and friendly demeanor make her a favorite among teens, and help them connect with her and engage in the therapy process. That she happens to look so much younger than she is also tends to make teenagers feel comfortable with her from the start.

Adolescence can be a hard transition for both teenagers and parents, and Dr. Parker can help the family navigate this time in family therapy. Dr. Parker utilizes various approaches such as psycho-education and improved listening and expression to help foster communication between teenagers and parents. She has assisted teens and parents in creating structure and a daily routine, teaching problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, boundary setting, how to support a member with a mental illness, how to have a healthy argument, and how to have fun as a family.