What Makes You “Shake It Off” When Your Day Is Tough?

April 8, 2013

We asked our Interns this question… What do you do when you’re having a tough day? How do you find the brighter side, how do you shake it off?  Here is what they said:

  • If I am having a tough day I usually go for a run and listen to upbeat music at the same time. This helps me clear my head and my physical exercise distracts me from my hard day.
  • I usually do things I enjoy to “shake if off” such as exercise or cooking.
  • To “shake off” a tough day, I leave behind whatever is troubling me for a little while and spend time with friends who I know will make me laugh,
  • Realizing that no matter how bad my day is, it could always be a whole lot worse. I am healthy, I live in a relatively prosperous country, and I have people who care about me. So, really, how tough could my days possibly be?
  • I usually play basketball. Studies have shown exercising releases “feel good” chemicals in our bodies. (Endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, etc)