Making Checklists

Making checklists has more benefits than you may imagine. Checklists allow you to take abstract thoughts in your brain and break them down into concrete goals. Research shows writing checklists provides relief, because you feel more confident you will get the tasks done. And you should be more confident, because research also shows that writing down tasks does make you more likely to get them done. Then, completing the tasks will release dopamine in your brain. We’ve talked about dopamine on here before; it is a neurotransmitter that is released from small successes, and it makes us feel pleasure and motivation to do more. One final benefit of checklists is that going to check off that task releases additional dopamine, along with the dopamine released from doing the task itself. Why not have a little celebration for everything you accomplish, especially if it makes you more likely to keep accomplishing in the future? Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to grab a notepad and get planning!