Happiness and the Perfect Weather

It’s early February and last week the temperature here was in the 60’s. I don’t know about you but I felt a boost in my mood and some extra energy. Studies have long shown that spending some time out in nature in good weather improves your mood, working memory, and broadens your thinking. One study in London used an app to link levels of happiness with locations, finding that people report the most happiness at the coast, then the mountains, then forests and farms. Another study in Japan found that of all weather characteristics, the one that affects happiness the most is temperature. And the temperature that makes us the most happy is (drum roll, please)… 57.02 degrees Fahrenheit! So to make the most of happy temps in happy places, plan a January vacation for Long Beach, CA and head to a farm in Richmond, VA in April. And bring a sweater – it’s going to be chilly there!


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