Happiness and Dance Class

I absolutely love dance classes, but absolutely hate the mirrors on every wall. I used to find the perfect spot on the dance floor: close enough to the instructor so that I could see what was happening but without her noticing me, and in the middle so that other people blocked my view of myself in the side mirrors. I hid in that little spot and shook my heart out without seeing how ridiculous (or fabulous) I looked. I’m guessing more ridiculous than fabulous.

I’ve been going to dance classes for about three years and now you will find me in the front row. At some point, I stopped caring about what I looked like in the mirror and how others perceived me. I jump in that front spot whether it’s a class I’ve attended for months or my very first time. I laugh at myself when I mistakes and really enjoy the one hour of stress relief.

I often find that when I stretch myself a little bit outside my comfort zone or push my worries and self-judgments aside for a bit I can really throw myself into an experience and enjoy it. Where do you fully throw yourself into an activity?