Willa King

Hello! My name is Willa King, and I first began working for Lepage Associates as a senior at UNC-CH through the Karen M. Gil Internship Program. As a Gil intern, my tasks were mainly research-oriented. I also edited clinical interviews and wrote for Lepage Associates’ various blogs and newsletters. After graduating with my Bachelor’s in Psychology, I began working as one of the office manager assistants. My daily tasks at the front desk included checking people in, billing, records management, and other administrative tasks as needed. Now, I do administrative tasks and occasional research remotely, write weekly blog articles and am the social media manager. I help keep the practice close to the community by posting our blog articles and newsletters on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. I am so happy to be getting these experiences here at Lepage Associates, and my plan for the future is to go to graduate school and then become a therapist myself!


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