As our Operations & Development Specialist, Cheryl Holmes has two primary roles at Lepage Associates, acting as the Development Manager (Marketing/Communications) and the Accounts Receivable Manager. In her Development role, she is responsible for all marketing, outreach and development communications, across a multitude of media platforms and non-media means, to all referral sources, potential referral sources, and existing and previous clients. Cheryl is excited to carry out the Lepage Associates technology mission of providing the public with helpful resources related to staying mentally healthy. Passionate about helping people enjoy a sense of happiness, well-being, and joy in life, she provides resource information on health and keeps the practice connected to the community through social media platforms and through our website. In her Accounts Receivable role, she is responsible for all accounts receivable BtoC and BtoB, training and managing all admin who assist with accounts receivable, and ensuring quality assurance/quality improvement for billing and collections processes. A little about Cheryl… A native to Maine, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and was employed for 20 years in banking, working her way up to Assistant Vice President of Data Processing. In 2011, Cheryl left banking to pursue work endeavors a bit more fun! Her interests include music, books, old movies, baseball, my cats, and spending time with her adult son.


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