Dr. Parker has a passion for working with children and began her career focused on helping children and families. Her extensive experience working with children spans private practice, the school environment, and community enrichment programs. Her background includes working with children with a variety of presentations, including behavior difficulties, social skills problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, and the spectrum of childhood issues. In addition, she has worked with special needs (i.e., autism spectrum and emotional-behavioral disturbance), AD/HD and learning disabilities, and at-risk children (i.e., children in foster care and low-income communities). For children dealing with trauma she utilizes her specialized training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dr. Parker understands children have a different way of expressing themselves and utilizes play therapy and other creative approaches to help children feel comfortable and to allow for their own style of communicating. Children need structure and she encourages having a routine at the beginning of her sessions so children know what to expect at each visit. Her broad smile and friendly demeanor make her a favorite among children, and help children connect with her and engage in the therapy process. That she happens to look so much younger than she is also tends to make children feel comfortable with her from the start. Dr. Parker communicates closely with parents throughout her work with the child so that gains made in therapy can be sustained in the home and school settings as well.