Colette SegallaWhen couples have made the difficult decision to end their marriage, Dr. Segalla can assist them in bringing closure and working toward an amicable dissolution of the marriage contract. When children are involved, this is an especially important process that assures the children are protected from the emotional distress that results from a more contentious divorce process. She has completed the Full Team Collaborative Divorce Training and is a member of the Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Practice Group (CDIG) of the Triangle. She is qualified to serve as a divorce coach as well as the child specialist for couples seeking divorce through the Collaborative Divorce process. In addition, for adults going through a traditional divorce process, she provides life transitioning counseling to assist in this difficult transition. Dr. Segalla also does individual therapy with children and teens whose parents are going through a divorce, and works with divorced couples on developing cooperative parenting practices for the benefit of their children during and beyond the divorce.