Colette SegallaWorking with couples is one of Dr. Segalla’s favorite forms of therapy. She helps couples learn better communication skills and how to experience a stronger sense of connection and intimacy within the relationship. Through our most intimate and committed relationships we experience a profound level of engagement with ourselves and our lives. In long-term relationships or marriages, she works with the Jungian concept of differentiation which enables each person to feel individually whole and complemented by his or her partner. Dr. Segalla helps couples work toward differentiation as well as increased, authentic intimacy which is what brings the most satisfaction to a relationship. Often the most difficult impasses in a relationship offer the most opportunity for growth and increased intimacy. She also works with new or young couples to establish a pattern of communication and interaction that is enduring and fulfilling for both partners. In addition, Dr. Segalla incorporates research and interventions learned during her specialized intensive training with Drs. John & Julie Gottman.