Dr. Kevin Metz has a genuine and profound interest in working with couples. His work includes improving and strengthening communication skills before entering into marriage and helping couples work through and take control of deep-seated patterns of behavior and communication styles that cause conflict after years of marriage or partnership. He has assisted couples confronted with a number of challenges, including diminished intimacy, aggressive behavior, commitment issues, stunted communication patterns, sexual challenges, and difficulties coping with circumstances outside the relationship. Dr. Metz is usually quite active at the onset of couples’ therapy as he assesses the couple’s way of interacting with one another, and collaboratively implements more effective ways of communicating. Typically, after this communication coaching, Dr. Metz becomes more of a facilitator, gently guiding the couple to work towards resolution in a safe, caring atmosphere. Dr. Metz acknowledges and honors the complex interplay between the needs and desires of each partner, and how those affect the needs of the bond itself.


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