Dr. Bridges has worked with children of all ages presenting with different areas of clinical focus. She primarily uses play therapy as a mode for treatment with young children, incorporating parent and family work as well for an effective systems-focused approach. She has a particular interest in coordinating her therapeutic interventions with families and schools, in order to best serve the child in the two settings where they spend the majority of their time. For several years, Dr. Bridges has also been involved in the evaluation and treatment of sexualized youth and their families. A strong advocate for children and families, she has created and implemented treatment plans and advocated for children and families who are dealing with obstacles at home, in the school system, the court system, and the community. With children and teens of all ages, Dr. Bridges provides therapy for the broad array of childhood issues, such as depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, school anxiety and refusal, sibling rivalry, parent-child relationship rifts, oppositional behavior, conduct issues, academic struggles, learning differences, attention deficit, autism spectrum, healthy lifestyle (weight management and movement), and supportive therapy for life changes such as moving or divorce.