Ms. Deja Buckner has worked collaboratively with children and their families in private practice and residential/inpatient treatment settings to assist in recovery from a variety of concerns. She enjoys working with behavioral problems, anxiety and depression, self-injurious behaviors, eating disorders, learning disabilities, AD/HD, and more. Ms. Buckner utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques including play therapy, behavioral interventions, and art therapy to support children in meeting their therapeutic goals. She believes that children have unique emotional experiences, therefore require a safe space for self-expression, creative outlets, and support to learn healthy coping skills as well as behavior modification techniques. She endorses the idea that treatment is a collaborative process for children that should always include support from the family members, especially parents, in order to achieve the greatest outcomes. Therefore, Ms. Buckner places a high value on connecting with parents throughout the therapeutic process and offers parenting coaching to compliment the work being done in session with the child.


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