Dr. Blakely Mulder’s goal is to help children develop the skills and understanding they need to express themselves in a healthy way and cope with life’s challenges. She uses play, humanistic, and cognitive-behavioral therapies to understand children’s perspectives and teach them new skills. Dr. Mulder develops children’s ability to identify and voice their emotions, cope with challenging situations, and communicate their needs in a productive way. Dr. Mulder also teaches children perspective-taking and social skills. As a Licensed School Psychologist, Dr. Mulder has experience providing therapy to children whose mental health and/or behavior impact them both at home and at school. She is adept at collaborating with parents and teachers to provide children with consistent support across settings. She has specialized training and experience in working with children with Autism, disabilities, and trauma histories. When working with children, Dr. Mulder loves to make therapy fun by incorporating games, drawings, and hands-on activities.