Dr. Lindsey Ohler’s interest in working with organizations began during her training at the Veterans Health Administration National Center for Organization when she was part of a research team that utilized qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate multiple variables that influenced employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. She has worked in both public and private sectors conducting program evaluations.

Dr. Ohler applies the science of psychology and her expertise in human behavior to her work with businesses and organizations, believing that an organization’s most valuable asset is its employees. As a consultant, Dr. Ohler has co-facilitated leadership and manager development programs as well as annual strategy meetings to align business goals. She has individually coached professionals on attaining work-life balance, assertively communicating with direct reports and bosses, managing conflict in toxic environments, improving teamwork, and addressing any remaining elephants in the room. Dr. Ohler utilizes a hands-on approach to coaching engagements that ensures professionals not only have the necessary skills and knowledge for handling problems, but also the interpersonal finesse for applying these skills to their everyday lives. She is competent in 360 Survey and Leadership Assessments receiving Assess Systems™ Core Certification in 2015.


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