Evaluators for Psych/Ed: Dr. Blakely Mulder conducts comprehensive assessments aimed at understanding each person’s unique profile of strengths and needs. She began her assessment experience as an intern at the Medical University of South Carolina’s neurology clinic, where she conducted neuropsychological evaluations for adults with memory loss due to seizures, head injury, dementia, and aging. Dr. Mulder went on to specialize in providing psychoeducational evaluations and psychological evaluations for children and teens. She holds a specialist degree in School Psychology from the University of Maryland and is a Licensed School Psychologist with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Before coming to Lepage Associates, Dr. Mulder conducted psychoeducational evaluations in schools in North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia, as well as in private practice and hospital settings. She has specialized experience working with preschoolers and individuals with mental health conditions, Autism, and intellectual disabilities. In her ‘former life’ as a school psychologist, Dr. Mulder was an integral member of school MTSS, 504, and IEP teams, helping to identify students in need of support and guide schools in providing best-practice interventions. As such, Dr. Mulder is very familiar with national and state law surrounding students with disabilities and uses this knowledge when designing her assessment batteries, writing reports and recommendations, and reviewing results with families. She guides families throughout the evaluation process to ensure clients get the support they need to learn their best.


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