With extensive experience working with adolescents in a variety of settings, Dr. Kevin Metz is intimately familiar with the challenges facing teenagers and their families today. Dr. Metz understands that the teenage years can be complex and difficult times for teens and their families, and has helped guide many clients through this transitional period. Dr. Metz has a creative, skillful and supportive way of being with teenagers that allows them to embrace the complicated process of evolving into themselves while honoring the contributions of their loved ones. In particular, Dr. Metz’s research on the concept of authenticity is especially salient to teenagers, and largely informs his work.

Dr. Metz has experience guiding adolescents through normative developmental challenges that confront every emerging young adult, to more severe and distressing difficulties. These may include acute anxiety, depression, body image issues, social troubles, self-esteem, or defiant behavior. In addition, Dr. Metz has specific expertise related to substance use issues which may be complicating, or masking, deeper emotional disturbances.

Dr. Metz also provides psychological and psychoeducational assessment to teenagers in an effort to get a more sophisticated, nuanced understanding of their challenges, many of which they may have never been faced with before and thus are difficult to name.


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