Being a teenager means getting caught in the middle between childhood and adulthood. It’s a constant tangle of emotions, relationship changes, and self-discovery. As an adolescent and family therapist, Dr. Blakely Mulder is passionate about helping teens and their families navigate the choppy waters of the teen years. She uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to help teens understand how their thoughts and feelings impact their behaviors, and how to counteract self-defeating mindsets that get them down. Dr. Mulder works with teens on building confidence, coping, self-regulation, and problem-solving skills. She helps ensure teens and their parents communicate and work together to facilitate the teen’s emerging adulthood. Dr. Mulder is a Licensed School Psychologist and previously provided counseling in a therapeutic high school program for teens whose mental health conditions interfered with their academic success. She particularly enjoys working with teens with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and acting-out behaviors.